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 Demons/Bijuu Template (Annoucement for now)

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Demons/Bijuu Template (Annoucement for now) Left_bar_bleue15/300Demons/Bijuu Template (Annoucement for now) Empty_bar_bleue  (15/300)
Demons/Bijuu Template (Annoucement for now) Left_bar_bleue110/300Demons/Bijuu Template (Annoucement for now) Empty_bar_bleue  (110/300)

Demons/Bijuu Template (Annoucement for now) Empty
PostSubject: Demons/Bijuu Template (Annoucement for now)   Demons/Bijuu Template (Annoucement for now) Icon_minitimeMon Oct 05, 2009 6:49 pm

I have taken notice that some people will not understand the limitation of Bijuu's and Such. So This thread is for a Template. You must now register to have a Bijuu.


Many may complain, but look. I Don't care if your character MUST have that, you have to accept the fact that if the Bijuu is taken you cannot have it. Change it, do something. Don't just give up. Play by the rules!

This is not just for Bijuu's but for Demon's as well.

Check the Bijuu Limits post to see which has been taken!!!!

If It doesn't get accepted, I will tell you reasons why. Contuine to resist, than your character's application for a bijuu will be declined for a week. You cannot request a new bijuu until that week is up. Good luck and make wise choices before someone grabs that one you wish.

What is a Bijuu?

The bijuu are creatures of great power and destruction, and all the ninja nations coveted that power and sought to make it their own as weapons. To that end the various bijuu were captured and the ninja nations attempted to use that power. This unimaginable power proves difficult to manage however, requiring literal sacrifices to gain control. Several jutsu variations have been used to seal a bijuu within a human. Yondaime Hokage used his Shiki Fuujin technique to capture the rampaging Kyuubi and seal it within Naruto. The jutsu had a high price, resulting in the death of the jutsu's user, Yondaime Hokage. The Ichibi Shukaku was sealed into the unborn body of Gaara, with the sacrifice taking the form of his mother, who died as a result of his birth.
I hope this helps... even if by a little.

There are only 9 That exsist within the Japan and Naruto Myth's.

Here is the Template for the Bijuu's and Demons!

Demons/Bijuu name:

Bijuu) # of tails: (Check the Bijuu Limits)






Optional) Other:

Click Here for Example: Dyiognious-Vasuka Ahihcu- 8 Tailed bijuu
Note: the Character here was made as a Human for It's a Jutsu, Read carefully.

Demons/Bijuu Template (Annoucement for now) VasukaSig
Blood type: AA
Clan: Ahihcu
Status: Princess/Assassin/8 tailed Bijuu
Akatsuki Status: Leader
Ring: Dragon, Left hand Ring Finger
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Demons/Bijuu Template (Annoucement for now)
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