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 Teams Announcements please read!

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Teams Announcements please read! Left_bar_bleue160/200Teams Announcements please read! Empty_bar_bleue  (160/200)

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PostSubject: Teams Announcements please read!   Teams Announcements please read! Icon_minitimeFri Nov 20, 2009 3:19 pm

We have decided that we want this site to be unique and we are giving anyone from the rank genin and above to make their own team which can rp alongside the character it is asigned to. All we need you to do is use the normal character template for each charater and post them all under a topic saying your name and then team.
For instance mine would say:

Takeo's Team

1. They are only allowed to be in a topic if you are there unless you have already been in it and left.
2.Astuaki are only allowed one other in their team.
3.Any others can have two to three others in their team.
4.If you are Rping with your team you are allowed to make team jutsus.
5.They can not contain Bijuu.
6.You must be their team leader.
7.They must have thoughts and feelings just like your own character.
8.It must be clear who is doing what action.

Hope this makes this site much more enjoyable for you.
Have fun.
~Takeo Senju

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Teams Announcements please read! Takeo110
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Teams Announcements please read!
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