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 Attention All, Please Read!!!

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Akatsuki leader

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PostSubject: Attention All, Please Read!!!   Attention All, Please Read!!! Icon_minitimeThu Oct 01, 2009 8:23 pm

Hello Everyone!

I am Vasuka Ahihcu, if none of you are aware. If none have heard, I was given the forum by our recent good fellow admin, Christ Uchiha who has now left us. I will be incharge of the forum and wish to keep it the same as possible. I will not fail to keep it up. Now all we need is more members as you all may help and invite your own friends.Very Happy

Yet , I decided this may be too much for me. I have also moved Takeo Senji to title of Admin besides myself. I trust him for he's been a great friend to me, he's both supportive and trustworthy to help me on the forum. He can keep it up when i'm not around.Very Happy He's been one of the first 3 members including me that have stayed on the forum without having left or given up. I Thank him very much. Congratulations Takeo!!!

As for the rest, please enjoy your time here!!!^^ Have a great day!!

~Vasuka Ahihcu

Attention All, Please Read!!! VasukaSig
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Attention All, Please Read!!!
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