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 Kamijo Uchiha

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Kamijo Uchiha

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Village: Konohagakure no Sato
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PostSubject: Kamijo Uchiha   Kamijo Uchiha Icon_minitimeWed Dec 29, 2010 10:43 pm

Basic Character Information:
Name: Kamijo Uchiha
Age: 18
Clan: Uchiha
Rank: Jonin

Looks: long curled brown hair running down his back but never catching or snagging on anything,ever. flawless pale skin and clawed hands. wears victorian outfits and sometimes an assassin's garb like that guy from assassin's creed. his headband is melted into his sword that he keeps with him at all times. he has various tattos of roses allover his body in different areas.

Personality: when angered, he acts calm and collected if confronted by an enemy and even amongst comrades. when happy he still shows little sign of emotion unless it is tword someone he loves. when under pressure he reacts quickly and solves whatever problem is at hand in a flash. He absolutely despises women.

History: his parents were vampires living in the hidden leaf village they were members of the Uchiha clan but were banished shortly before Itachi killed the entire clan. Kamijo was living in an unimportant village for many years until he discovered he was an Uchiha after his parents were murdered by vampire hunters

Basic Clan Information Uchiha clan X, he is slowly rebuilding the Uchiha clan along with his lover Gackt, he has plans to kill Sasuke....

Kekkei Genkai:Rose Of Darkness
Chakra Cost: 23
Description: the ultimate form of the sharingan beyond the tsukuyomi....
Special Effect: causes it's victim to be intrapped forever inside an eternal rose filled hell, the effects last long after the jutsu has faded sure to cause it's victim to slowly go insane
Link: [Link to approved clan. It works best if the Clan is done in the Clan Section before the Character is done here..]

Skill and Rank Information
Village: Konohagakure no Sato
Rank:rouge nin.

Special Characteristics: glowing golden eyes that turn blood red when using Rose Of Darkness
Special Effects: Deep Death, able to cause his opponent to wither to death simply by flicking his wrist, this ability is only usable if the enemy has a strong desire to die within himself.
Elements: Fire, power of the spirit
Skills Specialties: genjutsu


Name:Roses Of Death
Rank: S
Type: genjutsu
Chakra Cost: 50 for every 4 uses
Element: Spirit
Description whips made of roses erupt from the users hands and are able to move on their own will
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Kamijo Uchiha
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